Top 10 Wheel of Fortune Alternatives

One of the best-known games of all time, Wheel of Fortune is available as a mobile and computer game. Players will have to choose letters to form words and solve puzzles. Different gameplay modes assure excitement at every turn.

While the game is one of the best in this category, you might be looking for similar games to play. Check out these top alternatives of Wheel of Fortune that you can try today.


Scrabble is a single-player and multiplayer game, where two or more people can play puzzles, educational, and board games simultaneously. This competitive game is played by placing tiles on the game board, consisting of a 15×15-square grid, and each tile has a single letter on it. During the game, the player has to solve the puzzle using tiles to find a meaningful word and finish all the tiles. The player who ends all his tiles before his opponent, wins.

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Developed by Monkeybin AS, MindFeud is a video game that includes Puzzles, Boards, Single and Multiplayer modes. Using multi-colored tiles and different symbols on each, the player can face off against their opponent in an exciting board game. Players can arrange tiles horizontally or vertically to finish the game. Adapted from the famous Scrabble board game, it features the same gameplay.

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Abalone is a Single and multiplayer strategy game. This board game consists of sixty-one round spaces. Five are on each side of the hexagon. A total of fourteen marbles are added to the spaces for each player. There are two different colors of marbles in each space, black and white. One player switches at a time, moving their back before the front.

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Othello is a single and multiplayer board game where players try to increase their marble count to win the game. Every player begins with two marbles on the board, and over time, the game allows players to increase their strength by arranging marbles horizontally or vertically. Prior to the board filling, the player needs to boost his marble power.

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Lux Delux:

Sillysoft Games developed Lux Delux as a Turn-based Strategy, Puzzle, Board, Single, and Multiplayer video game. A total of more than six players play simultaneously, and the AI or bots fill any open spots. There are more than nine hundred maps to choose from, each with a different shape, size, and difficulty level. To win this game, the player must defeat all his opponents.

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Published by Days of Wonder, Splendor features multiple gameplay modes, including strategy, puzzle, and board puzzles. The player’s ultimate objective in this game is to build the largest jewel trade in the entire world and become the best-known merchant. The player takes on the role of a wealthy Renaissance merchant, and the only objective is to create the world’s largest gem network. Different cards are available on the game board, and each has its own set of powers and abilities.

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Puzzle Strike:

Game creator and publisher Sirlin Games have developed and published Puzzle Strike, a game that combines Puzzle, Board, Single, and Multiplayer modes. This video game is about building decks. Each player’s stone stack fills up as stones fall, and the player whose gem stack is filled with stone loses.

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7 Little Words:

Blue Ox Technologies developed and published 7 Little Words, a word video game with Board, Puzzle, and Single-player components. Everyday words, including animal names, brand names, celebrity names, and much more, are included in the game.

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Ludo Supremo:

Video game developer EnsenaSoft developed Ludo Supremo for the Casual, Single Player, and Multiplayer genres. Players will be able to compete against three opponents alone; each will follow the same basic rules. The Gameplay involves four characters, each with four tokens. Players who deliver all tokens to their respective homes during the game will win.

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Ticket To Ride:

This game is a Turn-based Strategy, Puzzle, Board, Single, and Multiplayer video game that has been developed and published by Days of Wonder and Asmodee Digital. Playing this game allows the player to experience a unique game world deep within the well-designed board game.

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