Wheel of Fortune – Same Name Category Answers

Filter Words
A Chorus & Waiting Line
Adobe & Camera Flash
African & Shrinking Violet
African And Shrinking Violet
Airport And Project Runway
Alcatraz & Gilligan's Island
Alexander & George Hamilton
Alexander And George Hamilton
Alice & Coco Cooper
Alicia & Car Keys
Alien & Human Beings
Alphabetical & Numerical Order
Amazon River & Ganges River Dolphin
Andrew & Don't Press Your Luck
Ann & Chicken Curry
Anne & Ty Burrell
Annie & Banquet Hall
Ant & British Colony
Antique & Voting Booth
Appeals & King's Court
Apricot & Traffic Jam
Artichoke & Artificial Heart
Assigned Parking & Storage Space
Associated & Panini Press
Asssociated & Panini Press
Astrology & Medical Chart
Austin & Supernatural Powers
Automatic & Handsome Pilot
Awesome & Artistic Ability
Awesome Architecture & Artwork
B.B. & Chicken A La King
Baby & Afternoon Shower
Baby & April Shower
Baby & Hall Monitor
Baby & Secret Formula
Baby And Chili Powder
Background & Rent Check
Baked And Exported Goods
Baker's & Dirty Dozen
Baking & Baby Powder
Baking & Blasting Powder
Baking & Diet Soda
Baking & Powder Puff
Baking & Talcum Powder
Ball & Hospital Gown
Ball And Hospital Gown
Ballet & Desmond Tutu
Ballot & Gift Box
Ballot & Suggestion Box
Ballpoint & Finepoint Pen
Bank & Fortune Teller
Bank And Mineral Deposit
Banquet And Coffee Table
Bargaining & Potato Chip
Barry & Savings Bonds
Baseball & Hope Diamond
Baseball & Winter Season
Basic & Potty Training
Bass & Treble Clef
Bathing & Business Suit
Bathroom & Fish Scale
Bathroom & Horse Stall
Bear & Bull Market
Beautiful Baby's Breath Bouquet
Beauty & Question Mark
Beaver & Meat Cleaver
Ben & Aretha Franklin
Bengal & Detroit Tigers
Bermuda & Short Shorts
Beverly Hills & Top Cop
Bicycle & Food Chain
Bicycle And Food Chain
Bikinis & Swim Trunks
Bill Of & Voting Rights
Bills Of & Voting Rights
Black Buckle Boots
Block & Tailgate Party
Blue And Full Moon
Blue-Ribbon & Plywood Panel
Bo & Jesse Jackson
Bo & Luke Duke
Bo And Jesse Jackson
Boarding & Hall Pass
Bob & Carnival Barker
Bob & Ziggy Marley
Bottle & Radiator Cap
Bottomless & Cherry Pit
Bowling & Carpool Lane
Bowling And Dark Alley
Boxing & Mix And Match
Bradley & Gary Cooper
Brantley & Sara Gilbert
Bridal & April Shower
Bridal & Formal Gown
Browser & Sugar Cookies
Bruno & Men From Mars
Bubble & Movie Screen
Bubble & Thermal Wrap
Bubble Bath Bombs
Buffalo & Paid Bills
Buffalo & Telephone Bills
Bugs & Dumb Bunny
Bull & Tiger Shark
Bull And Tiger Shark
Bulletproof & Tuxedo Vest
Burlese And Green Tree Python
Burmese & Green Tree Python
Business & Casual Attire
Business & Family Trip
Busy As A & Aunt Bee
Calming & Adverse Effect
Campaign & Charitable Donations
Campaign & Hiking Trail
Campaign & Mute Button
Campaign And Hiking Trail
Campaign And Mute Button
Candle & Fruit Wax
Candy & Karaoke Bars
Candy & Pull Up Bar
Candy & Pull-Up Bar
Candy And Karaoke Bars
Canoe & Fraternity Paddle
Capital & Lowercase Letters
Capitol & Lauryn Hill
Card & Nurse Shark
Career & Hidden Path
Cargo & Escape Hatch
Carpool & Diane Lane
Carpool Lane & Lois Lane
Carrot & Popsicle Sticks
Carrying A & Tommy Tune
Cash & Weekly Allowance
Casserole & Satellite Dish
Casual & Freaky Friday
Cat & Back Scratcher
Cat & Pick Up Your Litter
Cattle & Jolly Ranchers
Cave & Lottery Drawing
Celebrity & Weenie Roast
Celebrity And Wennie Roast
Central Nervous & Computer System
Cereal & Toilet Bowl
Champagne & Burnt Toast
Champagne & Wheat Toast
Cherry & Plum Tarts
Cherry Plum & Tart
Chicago & Black Bears
Chicago & Cheetah Cubs
Chicago & Grizzled Bears
Chicago & Grizzly Bears
Chicago And Grizzly Bears
Chicken & Airplane Wings
Chicken & Beef Broth
Chicken And Airplane Wings
Chigaco And Cheetah Cubs
Chuck & Halle Berry
Circus & Oxygen Tent
Citizen & Carol Kane
Citizen And Carol Kane
City & Study Hall
Claire & Great Danes
Clay & Veggie Wrap
Climbing & Ship's Anchor
Climbing & Ships Anchor
Clinical & Dire Trial
Clinical & Jury Trial
Clint & Fade To Black
Coffee And Lucky Break
Coffee And Organ Grinder
College & A Class President
College & Class President
Common & Bank Vole
Common & Proper Noun
Common And Proper Noun
Computer & Potato Chips
Construction & Comfort Zone
Contact & Shopping List
Cookie & Frankenstein's Monster
Cookie & Member Of The Press
Cooking & Outer Space
Cough & Mail Drop
Cough & Rain Drop
County & Child's Car Seat
Court & News Reporter
Court & Shipping Clerk
Cover & Electric Charge
Covered & Dessert Dish
Cow's & Shoe Tongue
Cow's And Shoe Tongue
Credit & Birthday Card
Crew And Butchers Cut
Crop & Earth's Rotation
Crunchy Coconut Chips
Culinary & Chicken Delight
Culture & Country Club
Cupid & Green Arrow
Cupid's & Green Arrow
Curtain & Wake-Up Call
Cutting & Bulletin Board
Dance & Piano Recital
Dancing & Dairy Queen
Darning & Overcast Stitch
Data & Escape Plan
Date & Honey Shake
Defensive & Scratch My Back
Delicious Dessert Dips
Dennis & Glenn Miller
Dessert & Home Plate
Diamond & Boxing Ring
Diana & Betsy Ross
Diane & Carpool Lane
Diane & Country Lane
Diaper & Mop Pail
Dinner & Liberty Bell
Dinner & Uninvited Guests
Director's & Butcher's Cut
Dive And Sundae Bar
Diving & School Board
Diving & Sleigh Bells
Diving And School Board
Dog & Buttermilk Biscuits
Doggie & Grocery Bag
Dogwood & Family Tree
Domain & What's In A Name
Don't Rain On My & Easter Parade
Doomsday And General Zod
Door & Booby Prize
Doo-Wop & Scientific Groups
Drastic & Tape Measure
Dried Onion & Class Ring
Driving & Main Course
Driving & Memory Lane
Dry & Floating Dock
Duck & Anonymous Call
Duke & Cat Ellington
Dustin & Jane Lynch
Dustin And Jane Lynch
Ear & Snare Drum
Earned & Piqued My Interest
Earned And Piqued My Interest
Earring & Fishing Hook
Earthly & Tree Branches
East & West Coast
East And Challenging Trails
Easter And Dust Bunny
Easy & Challenging Trails
Elastic & Jazz Band
Elastic And Jazz Band
Elbow & Shoulder Pads
Election & Positive Results
Election & Test Results
Election And Test Results
Electoral & Community College
Electrical & Orchestra Conductor
Elm And Family Tree
Embroidery & House Key
Emma & Pumice Stone
Emperor & Pittsburgh Penguins
Energy & Karaoke Bar
Energy & Karoke Bar
Entrance & Written Exam
Exclamation & Make Your Point
Executive & Breakfast Order
Exercise & Dance Routine
Exhaust & Corncob Pipe
Eye & Five-O'Clock Shadow
Eye And Oral Exam
Eyebrow & Mechanical Pencil
Eyebrow And Mechanical Pencil
Fabulous & Marine Mysteries
Face & Extra Value
Fairs Festivals & Feasts
Faith & Bunker Hill
Faith And Lauryn Hill
Family & Club Members
Fan & First Base
Farmer & Elton John
Fashion & Bank Statement
Film & Motley Crew
Finger & Super Bowl
Fire & Indian Chief
Fireworks & Window Display
Fish And Gas Tank
Fishing & Lightning Rod
Fishing & North Pole
Fishing And North Pole
Fitness & Daily Routine
Fitness & Economy Class
Flamenco & Disco Dancer
Fleetwood & Big Mac
Florida & Car Keys
Flower & Taste Buds
Focal & Breaking Point
Folic & Hydrochloric Acid
Football & Playing Field
Football And New Jersey
Fraternal & Court Order
Freezing & Boiling Point
Freudian And Permission Slip
Fried Onion & Class Ring
Fried-Onion & Class Ring
Fringe & Mutual Benefit
Froot & Belt Loops
Fruit & Knockout Punch
Frying & Flash In The Pan
Fuel & Water Pump
Funeral & Sterling Silver Service
Funeral & Sterling-Silver Service
Future & Flight Plan
Garden & Bunk Bed
Garlic & Baby Powder
Garter & Bible Belt
Garth & Mel Brooks
Gas & Army Tank
Gas & Water Pump
Gasoline & Water Pump
Gee & Cheez Whiz
Geologic & Official Record
George & Bering Strait
George & Lake Washington
George & Walla Walla Washington
Gerald & Henry Ford
Geraldo & Chita Rivera
Gettysburg & Home Address
Gilded & Lying About My Age
Glamour & Puss In Boots
Gold & Wet Bar
Golden & Bald Eagle
Golden & Fallen Arches
Golden & Telephone Ring
Goldfish & Super Bowl
Golf & Coffee Cart
Good Will & Deer Hunting
Government & Corporate Bonds
Government And Corporate Bonds
Granola And Monkey Bars
Gravy & Choo-Choo Train
Gravy & Owning Boats
Gravy & Rowing Boats
Gravy & Sinking Boat
Gray & Bowhead Whale
Great White & San Jose Sharks
Green & Tom Thumb
Green Bay & Meat Packers
Grevy's & Plains Zebra
Grizzly & Teddy Bear
Groundhog & Doris Day
Groundhog And Doris Day
Guest & Family Pass
Guest & Top Ten List
Guitar $ Soccer Player
Guitar & Soccer Player
Hair & Paper Clips
Hair And Paper Clips
Halloween & Facial Mask
Hamburger & Move Your Buns
Handwritten & Musical Note
Handwritten & Musical Notes
Handy Helpful Handbook
Happy & Witching Hour
Helmut & Fig Newton
High & Late Middle Ages
High & Low Season
High & Low Visibility
Highway & Solar System
Hip & Clip Joint
Hitching & Parcel Post
Hitching & The Washington Post
Hollywood & Stop Sign
Homer & Jessica Simpson
Homer And Jessica Simpson
Honey Ham & Hotcakes
Hong And King Kong
Honor & Subway System
Honor & Tootsie Roll
Hospitality & Honeymoon Suite
Hourglass & Ballpark Figure
House & Car Keys
I Can't Get No & Customer Satisfaction
Icabod & Whooping Crane
Ice Cream And Pine Cone
Ichabod & Whooping Crane
In The Driver's & Hot Seat
Indiana & Norah Jones
Inferiority & Apartment Complex
Inland & Roman Empire
Inner & Outer Arch
Inner And Outer Arch
Instanbul & Stuffed Turkey
Insurance & Free Agent
Intelligent Idealistic Inventors
Internet & Love Connection
Irish & Jet Setter
Iron & Make A Fist
Island And Bicycle Chain
Istanbul And Stuffed Turkey
Itunes & School Library
Jackie & Benny Chan
James & Savings Bond
Jean & Joel Grey
Jennifer & Vicki Lawrence
Jet & Irish Setter
Jodie & Banana Foster
Jodie & Bananas Foster
Johann & Levi Strauss
Juice & Isaac Newton
Jungle & Private Gym
Junior & Executive Suite
Jury & Civil Duty
Justice & Bowling League
Justice & Bowling Legue
Justice & National Football League
Kangaroo & Pencil Pouch
Karaoke & Candy Bar
Kathy & Dublin Ireland
Kerry & Seattle Washington
Kevin & Crispy Bacon
Kevin & Will Smith
Kids & Dollar Menu
King & Double Room
King & Norman Lear
Kit & Swift Fox
Knockout & Rum Punch
Kuiper & Leather Belt
La & Spiral Galaxy
Lab & Life Partner
Larry & Big Bird
Las Vegas & Bug Strip
Late & Swing Shift
Late And Swing Shift
Leather & Book Jacket
Leather & Yellow Jacket
Leather And Book Jacket
Legislative & Tree Branch
Lemon & Cough Drops
Letter & Book Jacket
Lettuce & That's A Wrap
Lewis & Jack Black
Lights Camera & Affirmative Action
Liquid & Clean Air
Liquor & Kitchen Cabinet
Little Red Riding & Robin Hood
Live And In Concert
Live On & First Love
Loan & Police Officer
Location & Girl Scout
Lois & Country Lane
Lois & Memory Lane
Long Grain & Wild Rice
Lost & State Highway
Love & Bike Handles
Love Me & Legal Tender
Lower & Upper Bunk
Lucille & Beach Ball
Lucille & Rubber Ball
Lucky & Copper Penny
Luke & Animal Cage
Luke & Batting Cage
Luke & Chris Evans
Luke And Chris Evans
Lunch & Milk Money
Lunch & Red Wagon
Luxury Chrysler Sedan
Macintosh & The Big Apple
Madison Square & Rose Garden
Mae & Wild West
Magic & Cold Spell
Magic And Cold Spell
Magical And Flower Power
Magical And Purchasing Power
Magical And Solar Power
Magical And Wind Power
Magical And World Power
Magnetic & Baseball Field
Magnetic & Football Field
Main & Golf Course
Main & Lunch Menu
Makeup & Emergency Kit
Mandarin & Navel Oranges
Map & Musk Turtle
Marching And Rubber Band
Marine & Green Iguana
Marine And Green Iguana
Mark & Shania Twain
Market & Sticker Price
Mashed & Small Potatoes
Massage & Beauty Parlor
Massage & Olive Oil
Massage And Beauty Parlor
Matinee & American Idol
Matthew & Katy Perry
Max & Wind-Chill Factor
Memory & Thank-You Card
Mentally & Medical Alert
Mesolithic & Neolithic Era
Meteor & Cold Shower
Meteor & Hot Shower
Meteor & Warm Shower
Meteor And Cold Shower
Michael & Diane Keaton
Mickey & Fireplace Mantle
Microsoft & Drive-Thru Windows
Middle & Though The Ages
Middle & Through The Ages
Mile & Magic Marker
Military & Charging Base
Military & First Base
Milk & Baby Powder
Minnesota & Fraternal Twins
Money & Leather Belt
Monkey & Chocolate Bars
Morning & Mountain Dew
Morse & Source Code
Mother & Canadian Goose
Mother & Duck Duck Goose
Mother And Canadian Goose
Motor & Olive Oil
Movie & Chip Clip
Movie & Toy Train Set
Music & Capital City
Music City & Rising Star
Musical & Winning Score
Musical And Love Notes
Nasal & Secret Passage
Nashville & Snake Venom
Native & Pizza Hut
Nature & Eerie Sounds
Neal & Simple Simon
Neil & Simple Simon
Neil And Simple Simon
Neon & Peace Sign
Nervous & Computer System
Nervous And Nuns Habit
New York & Jumbo Jets
Newspaper & Lemonade Stand
Newspaper & Spinal Column
No- Parking & Twilight Zone
No-Parking & Twilight Zone
Oak & Maple Trees
Observation & Television Tower
Obtuse & Acute Angle
Ocean & First Floor
Ode To Billie & Average Joe
Ode To Billie And Average Joe
Old & New Testament
Ominous & Peace Sign
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's & Birds Nest
Onion & Boxing Ring
Orbital & Bike Path
Orchestra & Peach Pit
Orchestra And Peach Pit
Orlando & Early Bloom
Orlando & Full Bloom
Outer & Limited Space
Oxygen & Army Tank
Oxygen & Think Tank
Oxygen And Dunk Tank
Oyster & David Rockerfeller
Oysters & David Rockefeller
Pacific & Towering Heights
Pacific And Towering Heights
Pacific Towering Hieghts
Panama & Grand Canal
Pandora's & Cardboard Box
Papyrus & Leatherwork Sandal
Papyrus & Leatherwork Sandals
Parade & Root Beer Float
Parade &A Root Beer Float
Parallel And County Lines
Parcel & Guard Post
Parsley & Corn Flakes
Past & Future Tense
Patent Leather & Bowling Shoes
Patent Leather And Bowling Shoes
Peach & Money Pit
Peanut & Turtle Shell
Peanut And Snail Shell
Peanut Butter & Dixie Cups
Peanut Butter & Dixiecups
Peanut Butter And Dixie Cups
Pecking & To-Go Order
Pepper & Dandruff Flakes
Pepper & Paper Mill
Peppermint & Tree Bark
Perfect & Boxing Match
Personal & Wedding Planner
Peter & Frying Pan
Phone & Family Tree
Piano & Park Bench
Piggy And World Banks
Pineapple & Mood Rings
Pinto & Green Beans
Pioneer & Winning Spirit
Pit & Cleanup Crew
Pittsburgh & Emperor Penguins
Pizza & Earth's Crust
Pizza & Massage Parlor
Pizza And Massage Parlor
Poetic & Chief Justice
Point & Security Guard
Pole & Bank Vault
Police & Court Officer
Police & Lucky Dog
Police & Wolf Whistle
Political & Search Party
Popcorn & Belle Of The Ball
Popsicle & Pogo Stick
Potato & Gps Chip
Potted & Power Plant
Power & News Outlet
Power & Rubber Plant
Power And Credible Source
Power And News Outlet
Presidential & Kitchen Cabinet
Presidential & Navy Seal
Pretty Perennial Plants
Protein & Flash Powder
Pumpkin & Dry Patch
Punching & Tote Bag
Radio & Ocean Waves
Raiders Of The Lost & Noah's Ark
Rat & Ice Pack
Ray & Prince Charles
Real Estate And Photo Developer
Reality & Personal Check
Record & Mailing Label
Record & Soup Label
Record And Soup Label
Ree & Phillip Drummond
Reflecting & Wading Pool
Restaurant & Supermarket Chain
Retail And Monkey Business
Rice & Barley Kasha
Rick & Shirley Jones
Riverfront & National Park
Roasting & Flash In The Pan
Robin & Car Hood
Rodeo & Midnight Cowboy
Roller And Kentucky Derby
Roman & Paid Holiday
Roman & Public Forum
Root & Erie Canal
Root Beer & Parade Float
Rough & Cold Draft
Rubber & Pacific Ground Boa
Rubber & Traveling Band
Run & Pass Block
Safety & Bowling Pin
Salad & Candy Bar
Salad & Super Bowl
Salary & Baseball Cap
Sally & Sunflower Field
Sausage & Peppermint Patties
Sausage & Web Link
Science & Job Fair
Scientific & Male Model
Seattle & Denzil Washington
Second & Mother Nature
Senate & Title Page
Sensational Seasonal Snacks
Septic & Army Tank
Sesame & Easy Street
Sesame And Easy Street
Shampoo & Punch Bowl
Shania & Mark Twain
Shea & Honey Butter
Sheryl & Eating Crow
Ship's & Popcorn Hull
Shipping & Carpool Lane
Ship's & College Course
Ships & Colleges Course
Shirley & Angus T. Jones
Shoe & Furniture Polish
Shooting & Home On The Range
Shooting & Movie Star
Shopping & Carpool Lane
Shower & Golf Caddy
Shrimp & White Toast
Siberian & Detroit Tigers
Silicon & Tortilla Chip
Silly Shenanigans
Sin & Key To The City
Sixteen & Birthday Candles
Sloth & Sun Bear
Smooth & Soft Texture
Snowball And Celebrated Fight
Solar & Celebrity Panel
Solar & Control Panel
Solar & Expert Panel
Solar And Celebrity Panel
Sonic & Baby Boom
Sound & Side Effects
Source & Dress Code
South & National Park
Space & Regularly Scheduled Program
Space & Regularly Scheduled Programs
Space & Time-Release Capsule
Spanish Soft Steps
Special Attention & Tender-Loving Care
Speech & Test Pattern
Spelling & Busy Bee
Spelling & Queen Bee
Spelling & Queen Bees
Spider And World Wide Web
Spoiled & Army Brat
Sports & Candy Bar
Sports & Concert Arena
Spring & High Fever
Sprinkler & Solar System
Staff & Grocery List
Stage & Pit Crew
Starboard & Final Bow
Starboard And Final Bow
Stars Stripes & States
Starship & Golden Gate Bridge
State & Red Flag
State & Venture Capital
States' & Civil Rights
Steam And Wiggle Room
Stick & Late Shift
Stock & Money Market
Stock & Money Markets
Stock & Waiter's Tips
Stone & New Age
Stonewall And Kate Jackson
Stop & Dollar Sign
Storage & Family Unit
Storm & Power Surge
Strawberry & Humble Pie
Strawberry & Pearl Jam
Strawberry & Traffic Jam
Strawberry And Pearl Jam
Strikes Spares & Splits
Student & Perfect Body
Student And Perfect Body
Stumbling & Building Block
Stylish Shops & Restaurants
Sucker & Fruit Punch
Sugar & Ice Cubes
Sugar & Rose Bowl
Sulfur & City Blocks
Summer & Beef Stock
Summer & Winter Coat
Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds
Sunset & A Bacon Strip
Sunset & Bacon Strip
Sunset And Bacon Strip
Supreme & Traffic Court
Supreme & Volleyball Court
Surprise & Bridal Party
Sweet & Wisdom Tooth
Swim & Cedar Trunks
Swim & Elephant Trunks
Swim & Tree Trunks
Swimming & A Baseball Cap
Swimming & Baseball Cap
Swimming & Reflecting Pool
Swivel & Elbow Pads
Taste & Best Buds
Tater & Small Tot
Tax & Bottle Refund
Tax & Wall Bracket
Technical & Thanks For Your Support
Telegraph & Steep Hill
Telephone & Ski Poles
Telephone & South Pole
Television & Airline Pilot
Television & English Channel
Television & Party Host
Television & Tourist Season
Tennis And Inaugural Ball
Text & Confidentiality Files
The Breakfast & Fitness Club
The Breakfast And Fitness Club
The Da Vinci & Area Code
The French & Bad Connection
The Great & Wash Basin
The Great And The Wash Basin
The Great And Wash Basin
The National & Nose Guard
The National And Nose Guard
The Rolling & Skipping Stone
The Sixth & Common Sense
The Washington & Scratching Post
The Weather & English Channel
The Wild & Brady Bunch
The Wizard Of & Dr. Oz
Think & Water Tank
Thomas & George Jefferson
Thompson & Fraternal Twins
Tidal & Permanent Wave
Tie & Video Clip
Tissue And Post Office Box
Toll-Free & Lucky Number
Tom And Diane Sawyer
Total & Accountable Recall
Total & Automobile Recall
Traffic & Blueberry Jam
Traffic & Raspberry Jam
Traffic & Strawberry Jam
Traffic And Blackberry Jam
Train & Dog Whistle
Train & Right On Track
Trained & State Seal
Travel & Generous Tips
Travel & Gift Package
Treasure And World Map
Treble & Bass Clef
Tree & Dog Bark
Tree & Peppermint Bark
Tropical & Temperate Zone
Tulip & Light Bulb
Twelve & Bowling Pins
Twilight And Comfort Zone
Twilight And Time Zone
Tyler & Matthew Perry
Typewriter & Hair Ribbon
Tyra & Investment Banks
Unanimous And Final Decision
Undercover & Free Agent
Upper & Lower Body
Useless And Additional Information
Vanna & Snow White
Vantage & What's Your Point
Vantage & What's Your Point?
Vapor & Traffic Cone
Varsity & David Letterman
Vegetable & Rough Patch
Vending And Slot Machine
Video & Mind Game
Vincent & Worth The Price
Vinyl & Public Record
Vinyl & World Records
Vinyl And Public Record
Vip And Shopping List
Volleyball & Butterfly Net
Waffle & Safety Cone
Wagon & Speeding Train
Wait Your & Sharp Turn
Walking & Sightseeing Tour
Warning & Turn Signal
Warren & Ned Beatty
Water And Softball Pitcher
Way Off & Military Base
Wayne & Isaac Newton
Wedding & Marching Band
Wedding & Orbital Ring
Wedding & Warm Reception
Wedding And Daily Planner
Welcome & Place Mat
West & Chicken Wing
Westward & Business Expansion
Whole & Half Rest
Whoopee & Sofa Cushion
Whoopi & Bernard Goldberg
Will & Granny Smith
Window & Movie Screen
Witches' & Ice-Cold Brew
Witness & Lemonade Stand
Witness & Umbrella Stand
Wolfgang & Hockey Puck
Working & Elite Class
Working And Elite Class
Wrinkle & Sour Cream
Yoga & Movie Studio
Yoga And Movie Study
Yoga And Precarious Position
You Silly & Christmas Goose
Zip & Area Code
Zz & Big Top

Wheel of Fortune is a colorful game. You just need to turn the wheel, guess a phrase or a word and you could win a substantial amount. Every time you try your luck, you are definite to win something.

Wheel of Fortune – Same Name is an interesting category in this game in which you have to guess unique answers. While you can always blindly try playing the game, the chances of winning this way are bleak. We have come up with probable answers for this category here. If you go through these, the chances of winning increase multifold.