Wheel of Fortune PS4 Review

One of America’s Greatest Game Show of all time, Wheel of Fortune has made some improvements over the previous PS3 version, it also has a number of technical errors that make the game far less exciting to play.

 From winning a car, trip to winning up to $1 million, players can win anything by just a spin of the wheel. However, landing on the bankrupt tile makes you lose everything you make in that round. Even though this game sometimes become a little slow as each player spins the wheel repeatedly, it is always a shocker to guess the puzzle before the opponents.

One problem which many players are facing is the lack of fun phrases. The phrases are just plain weird such as the robotic terminology of “Mixed Vegetables”. Isn’t that weird?

With various modes stimulating the actual game show, a quicker version of the game, online multiplayer, a leveling system unlocking all sorts of clothing and avatars, stage variations and a leaderboard system, in this PS4 version of Wheel of Fortune, you are not missing out on anything.

Progressing from the cartoon look in the PS3 version, the Wheel of Fortune PS4 version has much more realistic characters making their face look dead with very less emotions.

Unlike the previous version where the players act in a bombastic fashion when they win a prize, here, the characters are very down-to-earth, saying little.

The hosts have also changed which is pretty evident. Their voice prattles on, saying the same lines over and over again until you switch off the audio in settings. The audio also has a few more problems including sound cutting off early, or two tracks playing at the same time.

Another aspect missing in the PS4 version is the themed rounds of Wheel of Fortune. The previous ones had city-centric or season-themed prompts such as Christmas or Halloween which are no longer to be seen.

Wheel of Fortune PS4 version also tends to crash more often which is a turn off for players who have invested their time in the game and end up with no progress.

Although, to cover-up the technical issues, the leveling system has over 4000 puzzles. Every time a player levels up, they can access multiple sets of clothing, stages, avatars and other unlocks. These unlocks keep the player invested and interested and make them come back every time. Also, unlike most games, there are no micro-deductions or micro-transactions in this game.

Even though Wheel of Fortune PS4 version is rougher around the edges, it is still a classic game which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Despite the technical glitches, it will still keep you on your toes because of its competent version.


  • Emulates Wheel of Fortune as best as possible
  • Improvement from Jeopardy
  • Decent graphics resembling the actual TV show
  • Has over 25 million weekly viewers
  • Leveling system adds replay ability
  • Has 4000+ puzzles which keeps the players interested
  • Much better Multiplayer mode. It is much easier to join an already started game with other players, or invite other friends in-game without any hangs.
  • Gives longer period of time to the players to figure out the phrase
  • It has a microphone feature which helps the players interact with each other making the game more interesting.


  • Crashes more than usual, especially during online games
  • In-game models and avatars look weird and creepy
  • Phrases are boring
  • Host repeats the same audio again and again making it annoying
  • Money-grabbing game, not good for addiction
  • Spinning wheel does not work properly
  • Wheel ends up on the bankrupt tile more than normal

Final Thoughts

The players have rated the PS4 version of Wheel of Fortune a 2 out of 5, and believe the PS3 version was much better excluding some interesting features. What makes the whole collection horrifying is the price of the game.

Price- $39.99 USD

Paying this premium price with not much changes and exclusive features than the previous versions would not be wise and recommended. But if you are a fan for decent graphics and a newer console, Wheel of Fortune PS4 version is a must try.

Hope this review of Wheel of Fortune PS4 version helped you, comment down below for any other feedback!

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