Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Switch Review | 2021

When it comes to Nintendo hardware, Wheel of Fortune is no stranger to it. This iteration on Nintendo Switch system helps the user play Wheel of Fortune on the same game card.

With a beautiful and colorful presentation, Wheel of Fortune gives a proper casino or studio atmosphere. You feel the excitement when you spin the big wheel or when you watch video clips in order to win prize puzzles, but with that comes the scare of getting buzzed early or getting locked out.

Unlike earlier, the irreplaceable Pat and Vanna are missing, but the substitute hosts do a good job as well. The game allows you to play multiplayer with a single Joy-Con, but it only works for regular puzzles.

Once you start playing multiplayer, you will notice that the game automatically employs an awkwardly timed method before you pass your chance to the next players. This is one drawback when you are trying to play as a trio and have only two Joy-Cons.

Unlike the Wii version of Wheel of Fortune, ten years ago, this time the game was lacking the ability to use a microphone, which also cuts down the chances of cheating.

Let’s simply understand how to play Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Switch

  • Pick out one of the 26 alphabets to form words correctly
  • Spin the wheel prior to understand win per consonant

Spinning the wheel might cost you money, but it will help you pick the right consonants in order to make the most money and to help you win against the other two players.

  • Play with two real players or two CPU players
  • Choose among three different difficulty levels

With different prizes, varying from almost half a car, a trip, $50-$500 to ONE MILLION dollars on the spin wheel, you could also go bankrupt.

For winning bonus run, you need to spin a smaller wheel with a card on it with random amount of money. In this, you need to solve a smaller puzzle with some letters already filled in and the player is given three more letters and a vowel to figure the puzzle out. The better you do, the more stars you get which help you unlock new play sets, more clothes and trendy avatars.

This game also has an online mode, which is much better than a single-player game. Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Switch works best for local multiplayer. You can also view the statistics which are recorded to evaluate your progress.

Even though prior versions of the Nintendo hardware were of higher quality, this one is not too bad because the same game card works for two of America’s Greatest Game Shows- Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Price: $39.99 USD

Release Date: 30th October, 2018

Players: Up to 3 players

Genre: Puzzle, Board Game, Party

Game File Size: 2.3 GB

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