Bonus Puzzles Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a money spinning game, if you know to play it by rules. The game offers multiple playing options and you can either spin the wheel or complete a phrase to win. Needless to say, every time you win, you progress to next level and the chances of striking big increase multifold.

Wheel of Bonus Puzzles is a unique category in this game in which you only need to complete a puzzle to win bonus points and $’s to swiftly move up the level ladder. When you end up completing the puzzles correctly, you win. However, judging the correct combination & answers is not that easy. We have thus come up with list of puzzles. Check this list every time you play and increase your chances of winning.

  • Clue: The puzzle described a specific object, with the bonus awarded for identifying the object. Up Until the introduction of Who Is It? & Where Are We?, this Clue puzzle sometimes described people, fictional characters, & places too.
  • Fill In the Blank: Introduced in Season 10, by December 25, 1992. this puzzle Fill In the Blank is unique since it actually referred to two different categories as follows:
    • In the start, Fill In the Blank was just a blank phrase with a word or more than one word missing from either the middle or end (indicated by a question mark), and the contestant would received a bonus for providing the exact missing portion. 
    • Sometime around January in the year 1994, the “new” Fill In the Blank was introduced which was a word puzzle where the answer was three (sometimes four) phrases, names, etc that had a missing common word, almost always at the beginning of the sentence (e.g., ? STATION ? WAGON ? WOMAN ? DOG; the missing word is “police”). 
    • Suprisingly, both versions of the Fill In the Blank puzzle were used interchangeably till about November 4, 1994, the last known time the “old” version was used. 
    • For no particular reason, both versions were simply called “Blank” in the category strips until sometime between February 15 and May 24, 1995. Around the same time, the puzzles had question marks already revealed at the outset, as opposed to Vanna turning them like any other punctuation on the trilon board.
  • Fill In the Number: This category includes a phrase with a missing number in it, indicated by number signs; debuted on April 7, 1998, last appeared April 28, 2004. There are at least 2 known instances of puzzles in this category using two numbers, one of which was its last appearance, although it is not known whether either instance was categorized as Fill In the Numbers.
  • Megaword: This category focuses on an eight- to thirteen-letter word, with the bonus given for using the word appropriately in a sentence (at which point the word would be displayed on the chyron). Debuted on September 20, 1994 and last seen April 7, 1995, with at least 31 times played during that time..
  • Next Line Please: An incomplete phrase or quotation, which the contestant receives a bonus for completing. Unlike the “old-style” of Fill In the Blank, puzzles did not indicate the end of the incomplete phrase with a question mark. Debuted on December 9, 1994 and was last used April 17, 2008.
  • Slogan: Debuted in Season 13 (sometime between September 1995 and November 1995) as $1,000 Slogan, and renamed it that September once the bonus value increased. The puzzle was the slogan of a product or company, and the bonus question involved identifying the associated company with the slogan. 
  • What Are We Making?: The puzzle listed ingredients of a common food dish, which was if rightly guessed, identified for the bonus. Not counting the intentional one-shots listed below, this is the third known category to have been used only once. It is likely that this category was only used once due to the gradual phasing-out of the “bonus” puzzle categories in 2008. Another likely factor in its one-time use is the fact that this answer was the longest overall puzzle in the show’s history.
  • What’s That Song?: The puzzle was about a song lyrics, with the bonus awarded for identifying the song’s title. Introduced on September 16, 2010 and last used October 31, 2011, it was only used six times (four in Season 28, two in Season 29) despite being present for over a year in the puzzle.
  • Where Are We?: The puzzle gave out 3 short clues to a specific place (although it occasionally used four in at least Seasons 11-12, one puzzle in 2001 used two, and at least two puzzles in 1997 used only one similarly to Clue). Introduced in Season 10, last used November 28, 2008.
  • Who Is It?/Who Are They?: The puzzle gave a clue to a specific person or people, or occasionally, fictional character(s). Known to have been used from at least September or October 1995, last used April 23, 2008 (the plural version is known to have debuted by May 4, 1998). This was still used at second-level auditions as late as 2010, albeit without the question.
  • Who Said It?: Known to have been used since at least October 20, 1995. Identical to Quotation category, but with a bonus for identifying the person or character most associated with the quotation. This is different from the bonus question associated with some Quotation puzzles in the early-to-mid 1990s. Last used October 27, 2006.

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