The 70’s

You must have seen giant betting wheels in big fairs and events. One such concept by the name of Wheel of Fortune has been popular across the world. Originally from United States of America where the show evolved during 1970s, the Wheel of Fortune has turned many tides and is even available online now.

The 70s category in this Wheel of Fortune deals with multiple news that made it big during 1970s. The contestants have to guess the correct phrase to win when they hit the buzzer in the wheel game. We have listed down probable answers that will complete these phrases here. Do check and enjoy playing and winning the game too.

The 70'sNumber
Total Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Apple Starts Producing Personal Computers5375
Bell-Bottom Jeans With Platform Shoes53210
Breakfast In America3189
Egypt & Israel Sign Historic Peace Treaty6345
Evita & A Chorus Line Are Broadway Hits7315
First Test-Tube Baby Born4215
I Can See Clearly Now By Johnny Nash8291
Mark Spitz Wins Seven Olympic Gold Medals7354
Saturday Night Fever & Grease4248
The U.S. Celebrates Its Bicentennial5303
U.S. Signs Treaty Returning Panama Canal6332

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