Wheel of Fortune – On the Map Category Answers

Wheel of Fortune, a money spinning game tests your knowledge too! Guess the correct answer and you will win. There is nothing to lose as you will definitely win, if you keep learning and playing. This game has spread across the globe and is intensely popular.

Wheel of Fortune – On the Map is a category in this game where the players have to guess the famous places that exist on the map. The work is difficult if you do not have an idea of different regions. We have made this work easy for you and have come up with a list of answers that will help you place the bet at the correct place when you play this game. Check the probable answers here before you play and definitely, you are going to make it big.

Wheel of Fortune On The MapNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Aberdeen Scotland2168
Abilene Kansas2137
Abilene Texas2127
Adirondac Mountains2189
Adirondack Mountains21910
Adriatic Sea2118
Af Jafr Basin3112
Akron Ohio295
Alaska Range2116
Alaskan Panhandle2167
Albany New York3136
Alberta Canada2137
Albuquerque New Mexico32011
Alcatraz Island2148
Alexandria Egypt21510
Alexandria Virginia21810
Allegheny Mountains2189
Allegheny River2149
Amazon River2116
Amityville New York31710
Amsterdam Netherlands2209
Anchorage Alaska2159
Ancient Capital Of Egypt Memphis5287
Andes Mountains2145
Angel Falls In South America5245
Ann Arbor Michigan3163
Annapolis Maryland2179
Apache Junction Arizona3216
Apache Trail Scenic Road4216
Appalachian Mountains22011
Appalachian National Scenic Trail43011
Arabian Sea2107
Arctic Ocean2116
Argentina And Paraguay3209
Arkansas River2138
Arlington Texas2149
Arlington Virginia2179
Asbury Park, New Jersey4196
Asia-Pacific Region21711
Aspen Colorado2135
Athens Greece2126
Atlanta Georgia2147
Atlantic City New Jersey4218
Atlantic Coast2138
Atlantic Ocean2138
Auckland New Zealand3188
Augusta Maine2127
Augustus Maine2138
Austin Texas2116
Bailey Island2126
Baja California2144
Baltimore Maryland2179
Bangkok Thailand2157
Bangor Main2106
Bar Harbor Maine3143
Barcelona Spain2149
Bavaria Germany2147
Bay Of Biscay3113
Bear Lake Road3124
Beartooth Mountains2189
Beautiful Adriatic Coast3229
Beautiful Skyline2169
Beaver Creek2116
Beijing China2127
Bellevue Washington2188
Bellingham Washington22010
Bend Oregon2104
Bering Strait2126
Berkeley California2188
Berlin Germany2136
Best Movie Of The Year5184
Bethesda Maryland2168
Bethesda, Maryland2169
Beverly Hills2127
Beverly Hills California3227
Big Black River3133
Big Piney Wyoming3153
Big Rapa273
Big Sur California3163
Big Thompson River3163
Bighorn Basin2127
Bighorn River2127
Billings Montana2158
Biloxi Mississippi2176
Birmingham Alabama21710
Birmingham England21710
Bismarck North Dakota3198
Blue Ridge Mountains3184
Boca Raton Florida3164
Boise Idaho2105
Bora Bora284
Bordeaux France2148
Boulder City Nevada3177
Boulder Colorado2157
Bourbon Street2137
Bowling Green Kentucky3207
Branson Missouri2157
Brazil & Chile2116
Bridgeport Connecticut22110
Brisbane Australia2178
British Columbia2157
British Virgin Island3197
British Virgin Islands3207
Brooks Lake2106
Brownsville Texas21611
Brunswick Maine2149
Brussels Belgium2158
Budapest Hungary2158
Budapest Vienna & Prague3208
Buenos Aires Argentina3206
Buffalo And Ithaca3167
Buffalo New York3147
Buffalo Wyoming2147
Burlington Vermont21710
Bustling Downtown Los Angeles4268
Butte Montana2125
Cabo San Lucas3124
Cabo San Lucas Mexico4184
Cairo Egypt2105
Calcutta India2138
Calico Ghost Town3156
Cambridge England2169
Camden Maine2116
Canadian Province2168
Canadian Provinces2178
Canadian Rockies2158
Canal Street2115
Canary Island2126
Canary Islands2136
Candlewood Lake21410
Cannon Beach2116
Cape Canaveral Florida3204
Cape Cod274
Cape Conal Florida3164
Cape Coral Florida3164
Cape Girardeau Missouri3214
Cape Of Good Hope4144
Cape Town284
Cape Town South Africa4194
Capital Beltway2147
Capri Italy2105
Caribbean Sea2129
Carolina Panthers2168
Carson City Nevada3166
Carson National Forest3206
Cascade Range2127
Casper Wyoming2136
Caspian Sea2107
Castle Rock2106
Catalina Island Off The Coast Of California7378
Catskill Mountains2178
Cedar Rapids Iowa3155
Celtic Sea296
Central America2147
Central Asia2117
Central Platte Valley3197
Central Valley2137
Champlain Valley2159
Channel Islands2147
Chapel Hill North Carolina4236
Charleston South Carolina32310
Charleston West Virginia32210
Charlotte North Carolina3229
Charming Lima Valley3188
Chatuchak District2179
Chesapeake Bay21310
Cheyenne Wyoming2158
Chicago Illinois2157
Chicago River2127
Chrissi Island2137
Christchurch New Zealand32212
Cincinnati Ohio21410
City Of Tokyo3114
Clearwater Florida21710
Cleveland Ohio2139
Cocoa Beach Florida3175
Cody Wyoming2114
Colombian Andes2149
Colonial Williamsburg2208
Colorado River2138
Colorado Rockies2158
Colorado Springs2158
Colorado Trail2138
Columbia River2138
Columbus Ohio2128
Complimentary Tea Service32313
Concord New Hampshire3197
Connecticut River Valley32211
Continental Europe21711
Cooperstown New York31811
Copenhagen Denmark21710
Copper Mountain In Colorado4246
Coral Gables Florida3185
Corpus Christi Texas3186
Costa Rica295
Costa Verde2105
Crested Butte Colorado3207
Culver City California3206
Cumberland Park21410
Cupertino California2199
Czech Republic2135
Dallas Texas2116
Dalmatian Islands2169
Danish Baltic Sea Island4216
Danish Baltic Sea Islands4226
Dayton Ohio2106
Daytona Beach Florida3197
Decatur Georgia2147
Decatur Illinois2157
Deep South294
Delaware River2138
Delray Beach Florida3186
Delta Junction2135
Denver Colorado2146
Des Moines Iowa3133
Desert To Tall Pines Scenic Road6276
Destin Florida2136
Detroit Michigan2157
Devils Lake North Dakota4216
Diamond Cove2117
Dinosaur Ridge2138
District Of Columbia3188
Divine Providence Rhode Island4276
Dodge City Kansas3155
Douglas Wyoming2147
Dover Delaware2135
Dresden Germany2147
Dublin Bay296
Dublin Ireland2136
Dubuque Iowa2117
Duluth Minnesota2156
Dundee Scotland2146
Dunn's River Falls3155
Durango Mexico2137
Eagle Mountains2145
Eagle River2105
East Asia284
East China River3144
Easter Europe2126
Easter Island Chile3176
Eastern Europe2137
Eastern Rocky Mountains3217
Eastport Maine2138
Eastport, Maine2139
Edmonton Canada2148
El Paso Texas3112
Emerald Isle North Carolina4247
England & Wales2127
England Scotland And Wales4237
Erie Pennsylvania2164
Eugene Oregon2126
European Countries2178
Evanston Wyoming2158
Evenston Wyoming2158
Fairbanks Alaska2159
Fairfield County2159
Fangshan Tangshan Folk Village4278
Fargo North Dakota3165
Farmington New Mexico31910
Fertile Crescent2157
Fifth Avenue2115
Fifty States2115
Fiji Islands2114
Finger Lakes New York4186
Fire Island2104
Fire Island New York4174
Fish River294
Fishers Island2137
Flagstaff Arizona2169
Florence & San Marino3178
Florence Italy2138
Florida City Florida3187
Florida Swampland2167
Fort Collins2114
Fort Lee New Jersey4164
Fort Myers Florida3164
Fort Sumter2104
Fort Walton Beach Florida4224
Fort Wayne Indiana3164
Fort Worth Texas3144
Four-O-Five Freeway2169
Frankfurt Germany2169
Frankfurt West Germany3209
Freeport Maine2138
French Alps2106
French Polynesia2156
French Republic2146
French Riviera2136
French West Indies3166
Fresno California2166
Galapagos Islands2169
Genoa Italy2105
Gettysburg Pennsylvania22210
Giant Mountains2145
Giudecca Island2148
Glasgow Scotland2157
Glenrock Wyoming2158
Glenwood Springs2158
Gold Beach294
Golden Garden Park3166
Golden Gardens Park3176
Golden Lane2106
Goose River2105
Granada Spain2127
Grand Bahama Island3175
Grand Junction2135
Grand Junction Colorado3215
Grand Rapids Michigan3195
Granite Creek Basin3177
Great Barrier Reef3165
Great Britain2125
Great Falls Montana3175
Great Lakes Basin3155
Great Salt Lake3135
Greater Antilles2157
Greenland & Iceland2169
Greenland And Iceland3199
Greensboro North Carolina32310
Greenville Maine21510
Greybull Wyoming2158
Gulf Coast294
Gulf Of Maine3114
Gulf Of Mexico3124
Gulf Of Suez3104
Gulf States2104
Half Moon Bay3114
Halfway House2127
Hamburg Germany2147
Happy Valley2115
Harbor Island2126
Harrisburg Pennsylvania22210
Hartford Connecticut2198
Havana Club2106
Havana Cuba2106
Hawaii Maui Oahu Kauai4196
Hawkesbury River21510
Heidelberg Germany21710
Helsinki Finland2158
Henderson Nevada2159
Hermit Island2126
Hilo Hawaii2104
Hilton Head Island South Carolina5296
Himalaya Mountains2178
Hiroshima Japan2149
Historic Hermit Road3188
Hollywood California2199
Hong Kong284
Honolulu Hawaii2148
Hood River Oregon3154
Hot Springs Arkansas3183
Houston Texas2127
Hudson Bay296
Idaho Springs2125
Independence Pass21612
Indian Ocean2116
Indianapolis Indiana21912
International Date Line32113
Iowa & Idaho294
Iowa City Iowa3124
Isle Of Skye3104
Istanbul Turkey2148
Italian Peninsula2167
Ivory Coast2105
Jackson Lake2117
Jackson Mississippi2187
Jackson Wyoming2147
Jacksonville Florida21912
Jefferson City Missouri3219
Johnstown Pennsylvania2219
Juneau Alaska2126
Jupiter Florida2147
Karlovy Vary2117
Kennebec River2138
Kenya Africa2115
Kenya Highlands2145
Key Biscayne Florida3183
Key Largo283
Key West Florida3143
Kitty Hawk295
Kitty Hawk North Carolina4225
Kjarra River2116
Knoxville Memphis & Nashville3259
Ko Phangan292
Kona Coast294
Kuala Lumpur2115
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3195
Lady Bird Lake3124
Lafayette Louisiana2189
Lagos Portugal2135
Laguna Beach2116
Lake Arrowhead2134
Lake Austin2104
Lake Champlain2134
Lake Ella284
Lake Erie284
Lake Huron294
Lake Merced2104
Lake Michigan2124
Lake Ontario2114
Lake Red Rock3114
Lake Shore Drive3144
Lake St. Claire3124
Lake Superior2124
Lake Tahoe294
Lakeland Florida2158
Lamma Island2115
Land Of Festivals3154
Laredo Texas2116
Las Cruces New Mexico4183
Las Vegas Nevada3143
Latin America2125
Laughlin Nevada2148
Leadville Colorado2179
Leningrad Russia2159
Leos & Geminis2114
Lexington Kentucky2179
Lima Peru284
Lima Puru284
Lincoln City Oregon3177
Lincoln National Forest3217
Lincoln Nebraska2157
Lisbon Portugal2146
Little Diamond Island3196
Little River2116
Little Rock Arkansas3186
Liverpool England2169
Livingston Scotland21810
London England2136
London's West End3147
Long Island2104
Long Island New York4174
Long Island Sound3154
Los Alamos New Mexico4183
Los Angeles California3203
Louisville Kentucky21810
Lower East Side3135
Lp Field272
Lubbock Texas2127
Macau China2105
Macdonell Ranges2159
Madison Wisconsin2167
Madrid Spain2116
Mainland China2138
Mainland, China2139
Malibu California2166
Mammoth Lakes Region3187
Manchester England21710
Mandeville Louisiana21910
Maneskootuk Island21711
Manhattan's East Village32110
Manila Philippines2176
Mapo District2124
Mariana Trench2137
Marina District2146
Marina Gaviota2136
Martha's Vineyard2157
Mason City Iowa3135
Mayan Riviera2125
Mediterranean Basin21813
Melbourne Florida2169
Mexico City2106
Mexico City Mexico3166
Miami Beach Florida3175
Miami Florida2125
Miami Gardens Florida3195
Miami-Dade County2159
Middle Atlantic States3206
Midwestern United States32210
Milan Italy2105
Milwaukee Wisconsin2189
Minneapolis Minnesota22011
Mississippi River21611
Mississippi River Delta32111
Mobile Alabama2136
Mojave Desert2126
Mojave Desert California3226
Montego Bay2107
Monterey Bay2118
Montgomery Alabama21710
Montpelier Vermont21710
Montpellier France21711
Montreal Canada2148
Monument Valley2148
Moon Valley2104
Moosehead Lake2139
Moscow Russia2126
Mount Davis2105
Mount Roberts2125
Mountain View Wyoming3198
Mourne Mountains2156
Mt. Everest292
Munich Germany2136
Murro Bay285
Muslim Quarter2136
Myrtle Beach South Carolina4246
Nairobi River2127
Nantucket Island2159
Nantucket Island Massachusetts3289
Nantucket Sound2149
Napa Valley2104
Napa Valley California3204
Nassau And Paradise Island4236
Nation Continent2156
National Harbor In Maryland4248
Nebraska & Kansas2148
Neighboring Countries22011
Nepal India2105
New Brunswick Canada3183
New England2103
New England Region3163
New England States3163
New Hampshire2123
New Meadows River3153
New Mexico293
New Mexico & Arizona3163
New Orleans Louisiana3193
New Rochelle New York4183
New South Wales3133
New York City3113
New York Harbor3133
New York New York4143
New Zealand2103
Newark New Jersey3156
Newport Beach California3227
Newport Oregon2137
Nile River294
Nile Valley2104
Norman Oklahoma2146
North Africa2115
North America2125
North American Great Lakes4235
North And South America4205
North Carolina2135
North China Plain3155
North Dakota2115
North India2105
North Pole295
Northeastern City In Italy42312
Northeastern Illinois22012
Northeastern United States32412
Northern Hemisphere2188
Northern Ireland2158
Northern Red Sea3148
Northwest Passage2169
Norway & Sweden2126
Nova Scotia2104
Nyanza Province2146
Oahu Hawaii2104
Oakland California2177
Oaxaca Mexico2126
Ohio River294
Okinawa Japan2127
Oklahoma Sooners2158
Old Hickory Lake3143
Olympia Washington2177
Omaha Nebraska2135
One-Horse Town2128
Orange County2126
Oregon Coast Trail3166
Original Thirteen Colonies3248
Orlando Florida2147
Oslo Norway2104
Ottawa Canada2126
Oxford England2136
Oyster Bay296
Pacific City2117
Pacific Coast2127
Pacific Coast Highway3197
Pacific Northwest2167
Pacific Ocean2127
Padre Island2115
Palm Beach Florida3164
Palm Islands2114
Palo Alto284
Pamplona Spain2138
Panama City2106
Panama City Beach Florida4226
Paradise Valley Montana3218
Paris France2115
Park City Utah3124
Pasadena California2188
Pearl River Delta3155
Pebble Beach California3216
Peking China2116
Pennsylvania Dutch Country32412
Pensacola Florida2169
Penzing District2157
Peoples Republic Of China4227
Persian Gulf2117
Philadelphia Pennsylvania22412
Phoenix Arizona2147
Pierre South Dakota3176
Pigeon Forge Tennessee3206
Pismo Beach2105
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania22210
Planet Of Krypton3156
Pleasant River2138
Plymouth Massachusetts2218
Plymouth Sound2138
Po River272
Pocatello Idaho2149
Pocono Mountains2156
Polynesian Triangle21810
Pontiac Michigan2157
Port Elizabeth2134
Port St Lucie Florida4184
Port St. Lucie Florida4184
Portales New Mexico3178
Portland Oregon2148
Porto Portugal2135
Portofino Italy2149
Potomac River2127
Prague Czech Republic3196
Predynastic Egypt21611
Prescott Arizona2158
Prince Edward Island3186
Provence France2148
Providence Rhode Island32110
Provo Utah295
Puerto Vallarta Mexico3206
Puget Sound2105
Quebec Canada2126
Queensland Australia21910
Queensland Coast21510
Queenstown New Zealand32010
Racine Wisconsin2156
Raleigh North Carolina3207
Rapid City South Dakota4205
Rapid River2105
Rawlins Wyoming2147
Red Desert293
Red Rock All-American Road4223
Red Rock Canyon3133
Red Sea263
Red Sea Riviera3133
Reno Nevada2104
Republic Of Chile3158
Republic Of Ghana3158
Republic Of Ireland3178
Republic Of Kenya3158
Rhode Island2115
Richmond Virginia2168
Rio De Janeiro Brazil4183
Rio Grande293
Rio Grande River3143
Riverton Wyoming2158
Roanoke Virginia2157
Rochester Minnesota2189
Rochester New York3169
Rock Springs Wyoming3184
Rockaway Beach Oregon3198
Rockport Maine2138
Rocky Mountains2145
Rogue River2105
Romantic Islands2158
Rome Italy294
Rome London & Paris3154
Roswell New Mexico3167
Route Sixty-Six2135
Sacramento California22010
Sahara Desert2126
Saint Francis River3175
Saint Paul Minnesota3185
Salem Massachusetts2185
Salem Oregon2115
Salt Lake City Utah4164
San Antonio Texas3153
San Diego283
San Diego California3183
San Fernando Valley3173
San Francisco2123
San Francisco Bay3153
San Francisco Bay Area4193
San Francisco California3223
San Francisco's Chinatown3223
San Joaquin Valley3163
San Jose California3173
San Juan Capistrano3173
San Juan Puerto Rico4173
San Luis Obispo3133
San Marco283
San Mateo283
San Patricio New Mexico4203
San Tan Valley Arizona4193
Santa Barbara California3225
Santa Catalina Mountains3225
Santa Cruz295
Santa Cruz California3195
Santa Fe National Forest4215
Santa Fe New Mexico4165
Santa Maria2105
Santa Monica2115
Santa Monica California3215
Santa Rosa295
Santa Rosa New Mexico4185
Santiago Chile2138
Santiago De Cuba3148
Santo Domingo2125
Sarasota Florida2158
Saratoga Wyoming2158
Saskatchewan Canada21812
Savannah Georgia2158
Scandinavian Countries22112
Scenic Desert View Drive4216
Scottsdale Arizona21710
Sea Of Crete3103
Sea Of Galilee3123
Seaside Florida2147
Seattle Washington2177
Second Largest City In Brazil5256
Second-Largest City In Brazil42513
Sedona Arizona2136
Seine River2105
Seville Spain2127
Sham Shui Po3104
Shanghai China2138
Sheffield England2169
Shetland Islands2158
Shreveport Louisiana21910
Sierra Foothills2156
Sierra Nevada2126
Sierra Nevada Mountains3216
Silicon Valley2137
Sioux City Iowa3135
Sister City2106
Small Town295
Snake River2105
Snakes Island2126
Snow-Capped Mountains21910
Songpa District2146
Sonoma Valley2126
Sonoma Valley California3226
South Africa2115
South America2125
South American Countries3225
South Carolina2135
South China Sea3135
South Dakota2115
South Island New Zealand4215
South Korea2105
South Of France3135
South Pole295
South-Central Europe21812
Southeastern Florida21912
Southeastern United States32412
Southern Arizona Desert3218
Southern California2188
Southern Canal Ring3178
Southern Hemisphere2188
Southern States2148
Southwestern Region Of The United States63512
Southwestern States21812
Southwestern United States32412
Springfield Illinois21911
St Louis Missouri3152
St. George Utah3122
St. Louis Missouri3152
St. Paul Minnesota3152
St. Petersburg Florida3192
Stamford Connecticut2198
Staten Island2126
Steamboat Springs2169
Stockholm Sweden2159
Strait Of Gibraltar3176
Stratford On Avon3159
Sundance Wyoming2158
Sunny Southern California3235
Sunriver Oregon2148
Supercontinent Pangaea22114
Supercontinent Rodinia22114
Superstition Mountains22112
Surprise Arizona2158
Swiss Alps295
Sycamore Row2118
Sydney Australia2156
Tacoma Washington2166
Talladega Alabama2169
Tallahassee Florida21811
Tampa Bay Florida3155
Tampa Florida2125
Taos New Mexico3134
Tasman Sea296
Taurus Mountains2156
Taylor Arizona2136
Tcl Chinese Theatre3173
Tecate Mexico2126
Tejo River294
Tel Aviv273
Tel Aviv Israel3133
Telluride Colorado2179
Tempe Arizona2125
Terreiro De Paco3148
Terrific Taco Truck3178
Teton Range2105
Tha Ton263
Thames River2116
The Amazon Region Of Peru5213
The Amazon River3143
The American West3153
The Appalachian Trail3193
The Arctic Circle3153
The Arctic Ocean3143
The Arizona Trail3153
The Artic Circle3143
The Atlantic Ocean3163
The Australian Alps3173
The Austrian Alps3153
The Azores Islands3163
The Bahamas2103
The Baltic Sea3123
The Barranco District3193
The Bermuda Triangle3183
The Big Island3123
The Black Sea3113
The Blue Mountains3163
The Bronx283
The Canadian Rockies3183
The Canary Islands3163
The Capital City Of Kingston5243
The Capital Of France4183
The Capital Of Tennessee4213
The Charles River3153
The City Of Beijing4163
The City Of Bejing4153
The City Of Chicago4163
The City Of New York5163
The City Of Portland4173
The City Of San Francisco5213
The Colorado River3163
The Columbia River Gorge4213
The Continent Of Asia4183
The Continent Of Australia4233
The Continent Of Europe4203
The Continet Of Europe4193
The Country Of Greenland4213
The Dominican Republic3203
The East River3123
The Eastern Seaboard3183
The English Channel3173
The Falkland Islands3183
The Fast Lane3113
The Five Freeway3143
The Florida Panhandle3193
The French Riviera3163
The Galapagos Island3183
The Galapagos Islands3193
The Ganges River3143
The Garden District3173
The Gobi Desert3133
The Grand Staircase3173
The Grand Strand3143
The Grand Valley3143
The Grand Valley For On The Map7253
The Great Basin3133
The Great Blue In Belize5203
The Great Lakes3133
The Great Plains3143
The Greek Isles3133
The Gulf Coast3123
The Gulf Of Mexico4153
The Hawaiian Islands3183
The Hudson Bay3123
The Hudson River3143
The Indian Ocean3143
The Island Of Crete4163
The Island Of Japan4163
The Island Of Maui4153
The Island Of Montserrat4213
The Island Of Nantucket4203
The Island Of Santorini4203
The Islands Of Fiji4163
The Islands Of Tahiti4183
The Isle Of Bali4133
The Italian Riviera3173
The Lake District3153
The Las Vegas Strip4163
The Maine Coast3133
The Mediterranean Sea3193
The Missouri River3163
The Netherlands2143
The New England States4193
The Nile River3123
The North Bank Of The River Thames7283
The North Pole3123
The Northern Ocean3163
The Northern Rockies3183
The Norwegian Sea3153
The Old City Of Shanghai5203
The Ozark Mountains3173
The Pacific Coast Of Costa Rica6263
The Pacific Northwest3193
The Pacific Ocean3153
The Paradise Island Of Ko Kut6243
The Plains States3153
The Province Of Ontario4203
The Province Of Quebec4193
The Rio Grande3123
The River Shannon3153
The River Thames3143
The Rocky Mountains3173
The Salton Sea3123
The South China Sea4163
The South Of France4163
The South Pacific3153
The South Pole3123
The Southern Ocean3163
The State Of Indiana4173
The State Of Mississippi4213
The State Of Montana4173
The State Of New Mexico5193
The State Of New York5173
The State Of South Dakota5213
The Swiss Alps3123
The Thames River3143
The Tiber283
The United Kingdom3163
The Upper Great Lakes Region5243
The Verde River3133
The West Indies3133
The Yukon River3133
The Yukon Territory In Canada5253
Thon Buri District3164
Thvera River2116
Tiber River2105
Tijuana Mexico2137
Tokyo Japan2105
Toledo Ohio2106
Tombstone Arizona2169
Topeka Kansas2126
Tornado Alley2127
Toronto Ontario Canada3207
Traffic Jam2107
Transamerica Pyramid21912
Trenton New Jersey3167
Trinidad & Tobago2148
Tropic Of Capricorn3176
Troy Michigan2124
Tulsa Oklahoma2135
Tuscany Italy2127
Twin Falls Idaho3144
United Kingdom2136
United States Of America4216
United States Virgin Islands4256
Universal City California3239
Upper East Side3135
Upper West Side3135
Upsala Glacier2136
Upstate New York3147
Utah's Great Salt Lake4185
Vactican City2128
Vail Colorado2124
Vail Valley2104
Valley Of The Kings4166
Valley Of The Queens4176
Vancouver Canada2159
Vatican City2117
Venice Beach California3216
Venice Italy2116
Ventura County2137
Ventura, County2138
Vero Beach Florida3164
Victoria Australia2178
Victoria Island2148
Victory Basin2127
Vienna Austria2136
Virgin Islands2136
Virginia Beach Virginia3218
Visitor Center2137
Waikiki Beach2127
Warsaw Poland2126
Washington D.C.21210
Washington Navy Yard31810
Waterford Connecticut2209
Waterloo Iowa2128
Webhannet River2149
Wedding Cake Island3177
West Branch2104
West Palm Beach Florida4204
West Plains Missouri3184
West Sussex2104
Western Asia2117
Western Europe2137
Western North Atlantic Ocean4257
Western Pennsylvania2197
Wheeling West Virginia3208
Whistler British Columbia3238
White River Junction3185
White River Scenic Road4205
Wichita Kansas2137
Wilmington North Carolina32310
Wimbledon England2169
Wind River Mountain Range4224
Windward Islands2158
Winston Salem North Carolina4257
Winston-Salem North Carolina32512
Winter Farm Florida3176
Winter Park2106
Winter Park Florida3176
Worcester Massachusetts2229
Yarabey River2127
Yellow River2116
Yellowstone Caldera21811
Yellowstone Lake21511
Yonkers New York3147
Yosemite Creek2138
Yuma & Phoenix2114
Yuma Arizona2114
Zurich Switzerland2176

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