Fictional Place

Wheel of Fortune is an interesting game that spreads across multiple rounds. As you win and progress, the challenges of unveiling the phrase also get difficult. You can also uncover letters individually in this game.

Fictional Place is a category in this game where you have to complete a phrase to unveil a place which does not exist in reality. We have made this challenge easy for you and the list of answers that has been listed will help you place your bet successfully in the game. Before you play the game, try going through the list of answers and the Wheel of Fortune will definitely spin for you.

Fictional PlaceNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Emerald City2117
Enchanted Forest2159
Fictional Place2149
Land Of Oz384
Planet Krypton2136
Pooh Corner2104
The Prehistoric City Of Bedrock5273
Wisteria Lane2128

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