College Life

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Academic Scholarship2198
All-Night Cram Session3198
Being Granted A Scholarship4245
Bringing Laundry Home To Mom And Dad7308
Buying Textbooks21516
Challenging Cirriculum22111
Challenging Curriculum22111
Copies Of My Transcripts4216
Course Catalog2136
Course Number2126
Cramming For An Exam4178
Declaring A Major3159
Falling Asleep In The Library5257
Finals Week2106
Freshman Orientation2198
Grade Point Average3175
Intramural Activities22010
Intramural Sports21610
Late-Night Cram Sessions3219
Late-Night Study Session3219
Majoring In Biology3178
Majoring In Business Education4278
Majoring In Italian3178
Majoring In Spanish3178
Master's Degree2137
Medieval & Renaissance Studies3268
Moving Off Campus3156
New Student Orientation3213
On-Campus Activities2188
Physics Class2127
Playing In The Marching Band5247
Pledging A Fraternity3198
Prerequisite Class21712
Professor's Office Hours32110
Pulling An All-Nighter3197
Spending A Semester Abroad4238
Student Activities Committee3267
Student Government2177
Student Organizations2207
Study-Abroad Program21811
Studying Abroad2148
University Bookstore21910
Walking Across Campus3197
Writing For The Campus Newspaper5287

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